A Biomechanical Approach to Care.


Let us take a moment to explain to you the extensive services provided by Cheryl Maurer at Functional Mechanics.


At Functional Mechanics, we look at the interplay of structure, strength, flexibility, and coordination to help prevent or rehabilitate injuries, boost performance, and reduce pain.  Our modalities include:


Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine: We offer a full array of physical therapy and sports medicine services including manual therapy and work closely with select strength & conditioning specialists to address all the needs of our patients.


Advanced biomechanical analysis: Using in-shoe and above ground pressure sensors and 3D digital analysis we can objectively and accurately assess gait as well as the biomechanics of other forms of human movement, such as cycling, squating and running.


Orthotics: Shoe inserts that optimize the alignment of your feet, legs, hips and spine to reduce abnormal strain and shock throughout your body.


Custom footwear modifications: Changes to footwear to optimize and improve fit can enhance movement patterns for hard-to-fit feet, incuding those affected by diabetic, neuropathic, and arthritic processes or pathologies.


Orthopedic footwear, footwear accesssories and customized footwear recommendations: We carry some of the finest footwear with built-in support, extra depth, or customizable cushioning available and work closely with select retailers who carry expanded dress and sport-specific models.


Other devices:  Bunion pads, toe spreaders, lotions, etc., to aid in maintaining foot health adn maximize shoe fit.


Rehab equipment and techniques: Includes modalities, treamill, sport cords, stretches and literature to improve performance and promote wellness.


Conditions commonly seen:


• Low back pain

• Hip pain

• Bursitis


• Arthritis

• Knee Pain

• Patellofemoral

• Hamstring strain / tendonitis


• Ligamentous instability

• Meniscal tears

• Osteoarthritis

• Bowed or Knocked knees

• Calf

• 'Shin splints'

• Compartment Syndrome

• Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome

• Stress Fractures

• Nerve entrapment

• Ankle

• Instabiltiy

• Fractures

• Osteoarthritis

• Over-use

• Achilles tendonitis

• Posterior Tibialis tendonitis

• Peroneal Tendonitis

• Tarsal Tunnel

• Foot

• Plantar fasciitis

• Bunions

• Stress fractures

• Bone spurs

• Bursitis

• Nerve entrapment

• Neuromas

• Fibromas

• Hallux limitus

• 'over-pronation'

• High arched - rigid foot conditions (Pes Cavus)

• 'over-supination'

• Other congenital or aquired conditions of the lower leg, foot and ankle


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